Looking for the ultimate safari experience? Let us introduce you to SkySafari by Elewana, one of the most unique African safaris. SkySafari is crafted to whisk you on an Africa safari in supreme comfort and style aboard the SkySafari executive Cessna aircraft. They offer three unique itineraries that allow its guests to experience the highlights of Kenya and Tanzania. Take a look at 5 reasons why SkySafari is regarded as one of the most unique African safaris.


  1. Highlights of Kenya and Tanzania

There are many amazing places in Kenya and Tanzania, there’s no doubt about that. But when you only have a limited time for vacation, or it’s your first time to Kenya or Tanzania, then weaving together the best of the best safari destinations into one journey makes sense. Amboseli, Masai Mara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti. World-renowned, rich with game and stunningly beautiful – you will experience the highlights of Kenya and Tanzania.


  1. Luxurious and personalized

The Elewana Collection of hotels, lodges and camps are exceptional in quality and luxury. Each is unique in style but characteristic of all is a highly personalized, luxurious and comfortable atmosphere and style. SkySafari takes this to the next level- imagine arriving at your next Elewana property and being presented with a gin & tonic with a cucumber rather than lime- just the way you had explained it at the first lodge! SkySafari sees that your journey from beginning to end is a highly personalized experience- they remember how you like your morning coffee.


  1. Convenience of the booking process

SkySafari has bundled up 3 wonderful safari experiences in easy to choose formats- all you need to decide is which combination of destinations tickles your fancy. There are two SkySafari Kenya options, and one SkySafari Tanzania option. Each offers extensions that can take you over the border to the other country. And should you have the luxury of time, why not do a full itinerary in each Kenya and Tanzania!


  1. Memories for a lifetime

Watching a herd of elephants wallowing in the Amboseli marsh under the peak of Kilimanjaro; enjoying a camel-back ride along the Ewaso Nyiro river in Loisaba; standing of the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater captivated by its vast beauty; musing at tree-climbing lions in the Serengeti; marveling at the spectacle of thousands of wildebeest en masse – there are countless experiences that you will take away as lifelong memories. Just don’t forget your camera!


  1. Let SkySafari guests say it themselves

Brittany, USA – SkySafari Tanzania Classic

“The safari was beyond our expectations and Tanzania is the most beautiful place we have seen.  The service, the lodges, were all beyond approach, this was truly an experience.  It is difficult to choose a single memorable moment, but if I had to, it was the Tanzanian people which I will remember the most, they’re warm, sincere, and passionate about their country.  It truly was a humbling experience to meet such gracious people.  One of the things, both me and my  mother like about the safari, was how different each lodge was. Each has its own personal touch and identity, and felt that brought a different feeling to each place we stayed.”

 Sharon & Julian, UK – SkySafari Kenya Classic

“We had an absolutely amazing time on safari – the only word I can use to describe the whole experience is perfect.  Although for us the main focus is wildlife, I think the trip strikes the perfect balance of giving you plenty of time out on game drives but also a bit of time to enjoy the wonderful surroundings that you are staying in – no point in having  fabulous accommodations if you don’t get a little bit of time to enjoy it.

Receive a 10% discount when you book your SkySafari by December 18th, 2016. Reach out to our team and let them help you plan an unforgettable safari!