A night in one of Africa’s best star beds is the ideal way to combine luxury, romance, and the chance to get that bit closer to nature.

Drift off to sleep under a star-spangled sky as the nocturnal animals come out to play below you. High above them, you’re cocooned in style, comfort (including a full bathroom), and perfect safety – but still able to hear every rumble and roar as breezes whisper in the treetops.

Our selection of Africa’s best star beds offers you the ultimate safari indulgence – constellations without consternations.


Loisaba Star Beds is a very special sleep-out spot that takes advantage of the altitude of the Laikipia area – and then adds to it, by being sited on top of a rocky kopje. All of which brings you closer to the night sky – and the heavenly feeling of having gotten away from it all, without sacrificing one iota of comfort. After dinner in the main area, you’ll be escorted to your room by a traditionally attired Samburu warrior – the ultimate bodyguard! With your four-poster bed wheeled into position for the best possible view of the stars, you’ll be left to enjoy being lulled to sleep by the sensation of the earth slowly turning beneath you, and gazing spellbound at the patterns your mind makes out of the twinkling cosmic lights.


Each of the 11 guest rooms at Little Kulala has a rooftop star bed, so you can choose to snooze indoors or al fresco. Simply let the team at the lodge know your preference, and they’ll prepare the bed on the roof for you. In the heart of the desert (and within striking distance of the astonishing, towering red sand dunes of Sossusvlei), Little Kulala offers unmatched star viewing thanks to the exceptionally clear night skies. Clouds are virtually unheard of in this part of Namibia, which also means that your sleep is very unlikely to be interrupted by rain. Even if that should happen, you can simply head downstairs to your inside bedroom. Desert nights can be bracingly fresh, but your Little Kulala star bed has all delightfully soft and warm blankets to keep you snug while you sleep.


Around 3 miles from Ngala Safari Lodge, this organic wooden tower lets you disconnect entirely from the modern world and immerse yourselves in romance and nature. With no artificial lights – and definitely no Wi-Fi – you’re assured of having no distractions other than the sounds of the African night as its secret tales unfold around you. Each of the four tiers of this unique structure offers much to explore and enjoy, from the full bathroom and kitchen to the fairytale indoor bedroom, with the cherry on the cake being the open-air sleeping platform. Gazing through and across the treetops, it’s not hard to imagine that you’re the last (or perhaps the first) people in Africa – the world’s most beautiful and intriguing continent is all yours.


The first “designer” camp in Botswana’s celebrated Okavango Delta, Jao Camp has long been known as an architectural marvel – and the gateway to some of the most remarkable wetland landscapes in the region. With the added extra of a star bed experience, this 5-star safari destination takes things to the next level by offering a million-star sleep-out option. Reached by a 20-minute game drive from the camp, the Jao Sleepout Deck is one of the more rustic options on our list, but no less charming for that. Raised above the surrounding wilderness, the open-air platform offers superb acoustics for the calls of night creatures, while there’s an undeniable romance to the four-poster beds with their billowing white mosquito nets.


“Malori” means “dreamer” in Tswana, the local language – and this is a dream of a star bed! Created to resemble a sociable weaver nest, the Malori Sleepout Deck lets you travel to the heart of the Kalahari Desert and imagine a different life – a life completely in tune with nature. The absence of predators in this unique dryland ecosystem means that there is no need to lift this deck far off the ground – instead, a few steps bring you to the sand, where you can leave two sets of footprints. Watch as the desert breeze gently erases them, and the shadows lengthen – then turn in for the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have, as you’re serenaded by a chorus of birdsong and small, mysterious rustling sounds. Goodnight!


Segera was already one of Kenya’s most stylish destinations, but they cranked it up a gear with this landmark star bed. This remarkable structure is topped off with a ring of interwoven branches, it’s modeled on the huge nests made by African raptors. All the materials used in its construction are from sustainable sources, and designer Carolin Dekeyser of NAY PALAD and architect Daniel Pouzet worked with local craftspeople to create this unique structure. The Nay Palad Bird Nest is taller than the surrounding trees and overlooks a river – so you can fall asleep to the roar of lions, and wake to the sounds of the dawn chorus and the first animals coming down to drink.