Since we’re not traveling for the next little while, we’re bringing Africa to you. Take a break from the headlines and explore the African wilderness from your couch or kitchen with these live wildlife webcams. We’re taking you beyond your four walls to a continent that can’t wait to welcome you back.


The corridor connects the gorillas’ night quarters with the DRC forest habitat at GRACE and is the area viewers will most often see the Grauer’s gorillas as they come and go from the forest. Watch as the gorillas pass through, graze on vegetation, and maybe even make a nest for their overnight slumber. The gorillas can choose where to sleep and they often choose to bed down inside their night building, but they sometimes sleep outside too. Also, because they eat so much fibrous vegetation, gorillas spend a lot of time resting and digesting. Expect to see some spectacularly lazy afternoon nap sessions!


This camera is hidden at a secluded watering hole. It is completely solar-powered due to its remote location. A borehole replenishes much-needed water for the animals that frequent this area. From here you can watch the “Big Five” animals of Africa: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalo. Giraffes and a large variety of antelopes, genets, squirrels, warthogs, and Giant kingfishers also converge at this key watering point.


Welcome to the watering hole at Mpala Research Centre in the highlands of central Kenya. The 48,000 acre reserve is home to elephants, zebras, hippos, monkeys, wild dogs, big cats, eland, hyena, white rhino, etc. There are over 1,133 species of birds and they serenade the cams 24/7 like nature’s symphony.


safariLIVE is an award-winning live, hosted safari in South Africa which broadcasts for six hours a day every single day of the year. Hop on the largest safari vehicle in the world in the search for Africa’s most iconic animals. Since its inception in 2007, many of the animals have become safariLIVE favorites. From Karula the leopard and her many litters of cubs to The Birmingham Boy coalition of lions, follow both their fortunes and tragedies.