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5 Best Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast canvas on which to paint your safari dreams, and these lodges provide the luxury and service you need to safari in style.

5 Best Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania2020-09-11T17:21:09-04:00

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Zanzibar Island Break

There are so many choices of hotels and resorts in Zanzibar, and choosing the right one for you, can be a little daunting! Our private travel designer Susan Neva recently experienced a few properties in Zanzibar, all offering completely different comfort levels. Her experience will help you paint your own picture on where to stay in Zanzibar.

Choosing the Right Spot for Your Zanzibar Island Break2020-03-19T17:25:30-04:00

9 Romantic Experiences You Can Only Have in Africa

Roses may fade, but the memories of a shared safari vacation will last forever. From luxury tree-houses to free-standing copper bathtubs in the middle of the bush, here is our selection of impossibly romantic African experiences.

9 Romantic Experiences You Can Only Have in Africa2021-02-15T11:12:44-05:00

Non-Stop Flights to Africa

It’s true – Africa is a world away from the United States. That doesn’t however mean that getting there is a challenge. Flying from America to Africa has never been easier or quicker. Here’s our pick of non-stop flights to Africa – your dream safari is now just a single flight away.

Non-Stop Flights to Africa2019-12-04T09:57:50-05:00

Best Luxury Safari Lodges in Kenya

As the birthplace of luxury safari camps, Kenya continues to set the bar high. Here’s our guide to the best luxury safari lodges in Kenya:

Best Luxury Safari Lodges in Kenya2019-11-25T16:39:59-05:00

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa

There’s no more iconic African animal than the elephant. Several safari lodges around Africa are known for their resident or nearby elephant herds, so here’s our guide about the best elephant experiences in Africa.

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa2021-06-07T16:43:28-04:00

Best New Safari Camps and Lodges Opening in 2019

As the saying goes, there is always something new out of Africa, and 2019 promises to be a landmark year in terms of new safari camps and lodges opening in some of Africa’s most alluring destinations.

Best New Safari Camps and Lodges Opening in 20192021-02-15T12:10:27-05:00

6 Photographic Hides in Kenya

Some of Kenya’s best safari lodges have created hides that offer comfort, excitement, and incredible photographic opportunities. Don’t forget your camera as we take you on a tour of our favorite photographic hides in Kenya. 

6 Photographic Hides in Kenya2020-02-26T10:20:44-05:00

Best Luxury Spas in Africa

A growing number of luxury African properties are now offering superb spa experiences alongside their more traditional activities. We decided to check out some of the best luxury spas in Africa. Well, somebody had to!

Best Luxury Spas in Africa2020-02-26T10:17:47-05:00
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