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Africa’s Best Diving Spots To Combine With A Safari

Whether you want to find Nemo or take lessons from an octopus, we’ve compiled a list of Africa’s best diving spots, and some of the lodges that offer completely immersive marine experiences.

Africa’s Best Diving Spots To Combine With A Safari2022-02-02T17:21:09-05:00

9 Romantic Experiences You Can Only Have in Africa

Roses may fade, but the memories of a shared safari vacation will last forever. From luxury tree-houses to free-standing copper bathtubs in the middle of the bush, here is our selection of impossibly romantic African experiences.

9 Romantic Experiences You Can Only Have in Africa2021-02-15T11:12:44-05:00

Non-Stop Flights to Africa

It’s true – Africa is a world away from the United States. That doesn’t however mean that getting there is a challenge. Flying from America to Africa has never been easier or quicker. Here’s our pick of non-stop flights to Africa – your dream safari is now just a single flight away.

Non-Stop Flights to Africa2019-12-04T09:57:50-05:00

Which Beach Should I Combine With My Safari?

Pairing an African safari with beach time makes for a winning combination. We’re diving into some of our favorite beach destinations within easy reach of the very best safari hotspots.

Which Beach Should I Combine With My Safari?2020-07-24T10:37:26-04:00

Africa’s Animal Migrations

Africa’s animal migrations offer some of the continent’s most iconic wildlife experiences. Here's our guide to Africa’s most moving experiences

Africa’s Animal Migrations2020-02-26T12:28:01-05:00

Best New Properties in Africa

There has never been a better time to visit Africa and stay in camps and lodges that have really raised the bar when it comes to location, design, experiences, and architecture. Here’s our pick of the best new properties in Africa – one for each month of the year.

Best New Properties in Africa2020-02-26T10:37:42-05:00
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