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2022 Africa Travel Trends

From citizen science trips and different game viewing perspectives, here are our 2022 travel trends and predictions.

2022 Africa Travel Trends2022-01-10T13:59:19-05:00

Best Places to Visit in Africa in 2022

Whether you're planning a honeymoon or family vacation, here are the best places to visit in Africa in 2022 and beyond.

Best Places to Visit in Africa in 20222021-12-28T10:21:56-05:00

11 Beautiful Places to Stay in Uganda

Uganda has some outstanding accommodation options that mirror the diversity, beauty, and friendliness of ‘the pearl of Africa’. Here’s our guide to the most beautiful lodges in Uganda.

11 Beautiful Places to Stay in Uganda2021-07-30T10:18:20-04:00

12 Reasons to Visit Uganda

As you’ll see from our list, almost anything you can do elsewhere in Africa, you can do in Uganda – it’s almost as though all the best bits of the continent have been rolled into one. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best things to do in Uganda!

12 Reasons to Visit Uganda2021-07-26T18:10:58-04:00

Africa’s Best Diving Spots To Combine With A Safari

Whether you want to find Nemo or take lessons from an octopus, we’ve compiled a list of Africa’s best diving spots, and some of the lodges that offer completely immersive marine experiences.

Africa’s Best Diving Spots To Combine With A Safari2022-02-02T17:21:09-05:00
  • 2020 African Travel Trends

2020 African Travel Trends

New year, new travel trends! From solo women trips to multi-generational family safaris, here’s our round-up of trends we expect will continue to grow in 2020.

2020 African Travel Trends2020-01-14T15:14:18-05:00

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa

There’s no more iconic African animal than the elephant. Several safari lodges around Africa are known for their resident or nearby elephant herds, so here’s our guide about the best elephant experiences in Africa.

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa2021-06-07T16:43:28-04:00

7 Reasons Namibia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Namibia is a vast country in south-western Africa that only achieved full independence in 1990. Rich in mineral resources (especially diamonds) it has long [...]

7 Reasons Namibia Should Be On Your Bucket List2020-02-26T10:41:51-05:00
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