2022 Africa Travel Trends

From citizen science trips and different game viewing perspectives, here are our 2022 travel trends and predictions.

2022 Africa Travel Trends2022-01-10T13:59:19-05:00

12 Swimming Pools in Africa with the Coolest Views

Whether you’re looking to cool off after a game drive or enjoy a romantic sunset with your traveling companion, these pools all come with the chance to spot wildlife passing by.

12 Swimming Pools in Africa with the Coolest Views2021-07-22T17:27:27-04:00

8 Unusual & Unique Places To Stay In Africa

Experienced travelers are requesting unique experiences in unusual accommodations. So, we've compiled a list of the most unique places to stay in Africa

8 Unusual & Unique Places To Stay In Africa2020-12-22T13:16:44-05:00

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa

There’s no more iconic African animal than the elephant. Several safari lodges around Africa are known for their resident or nearby elephant herds, so here’s our guide about the best elephant experiences in Africa.

Best Elephant Experiences in Africa2021-06-07T16:43:28-04:00

Africa’s Animal Migrations

Africa’s animal migrations offer some of the continent’s most iconic wildlife experiences. Here's our guide to Africa’s most moving experiences

Africa’s Animal Migrations2020-02-26T12:28:01-05:00
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